Kristine and Lance Maki co-created Restoration Medicine in 2002 while living in Northern California. They both were in their 55th year of life and had just returned to California where they had met in high school 40 years earlier. They both noticed their energy levels were seriously lacking and their job performance wasn’t what it had been a few years before. As they looked back, they both agreed that when they were in their 30s despite having a large family and both working full time in the medical field, they had been able to balance long work hours and still have quality time with their families. (Our hormones* peak around 35 and decline thereafter). By the time Lance retired from the Air Force, age 49, both of them noticed even more energy loss and other concerns, such as low libido, weight gain, irritability, etc. He became aware of the grumpy old man syndrome, which happens to a lot of men as they approach 50. He sought professional help and fortunately found Ron Rothenberg MD**, a cutting-edge Preventative/Regenerative Medicine expert. Eventually Dr Maki himself became trained in Preventative/Regenerative Medicine and both he and his wife created MAKIMD Restoration Medicine.

Restoration Medicine looks at the whole person and customizes a scientifically based approach to maximizing our life’s experiences.  Everyone’s own genetic makeup will, in large part, determine how long we will live and what illnesses we might succumb to, but how we make everyday choices, will ultimately determine how well we use our genes. One needs, first of all, to have the DESIRE to become healthier. Next, we must have the DEDICATION to follow the DIRECTION that can optimize that pathway. The DESIRE of course can only come from you, the patient. We can provide the DIRECTION, based on medical literature and clinical experience that we have obtained over the past twenty years that combined with your DEDICATION to give you the best possible life path.

Our methods will not work for everyone, it is not an easy journey, at least initially, but with time and effort, our patients get back on track and rarely fall off.

The core of our program is to determine which hormones are out of balance and then replace them with bioidentical hormones*.

What benefits can I expect?

·      Improved Cardiac and Diabetic Risk Profile

·      Improved Immune System

·      Enhanced Energy

·      Increased Mental Function

·      Enhanced Sexual Energy

Lance Maki MD first entered the aerospace world in 1973 when he started Undergraduate Pilot Training at Vance AFB Oklahoma.

He went on to fly the C 131 ( AFSC) , KC135 (SAC) as an aircraft commander and finally was a T38 IP (PIT) and aerospace physiologist at Shepard AFB, Texas. He attended Texas Tech Medical School and did his residency in OBGyn at Wright Patterson AFB/ Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. During his Air Force career he maintained his interest in aviation as a USAF flight surgeon in addition to delivering babies and doing surgery. After retiring from the military he primarily has been involved with women’s care but also has been doing wellness medicine for both men and women.

He is fellowship trained in functional and restoration medicine. He does all three Class FAA physicals and hypoxia and other aerospace training in Melbourne Florida

He and his wife Kris have been married since 1967. They have six children and eight grandchildren. He is very active in surfing and takes ballet to improve his surfing and overall fitness.

He is a member of AOPA and the Daedalians.

He attended La Mirada High School, Ca; did his undergraduate studies at Cal State Fullerton and has an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.


At Dr Surfer Dude’s we offer a combination of excellent ingredients to achieve wellness in an

Enticing blend of activities. We love to have fun and enjoy our bodies in the best way possible.

We have many levels of activities..  some are pure fun… others involve movement from easy

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