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ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Isaac Bermudez is a Certified Personal Trainer with ISSA. Isaac has been in the fitness and powerlifting world for 9 years. He strives to meet everyone’s fitness goals whether your preference is to get in shape, be healthy, or get strong at the most affordable rate. 

There is so much conflicting and contradictory information regarding fitness. Having a personal trainer guides you in the proper direction and ensures you are performing the workouts correctly, minimizing the risk of injury. Most importantly, we are family and strive to provide a friendly yet hardcore environment where everyone is supported and welcomed. 

“Balance is key!”

If you have a competitive side, Isaac Bermudez is a Certified USA Powerlifting Coach and has a Powerlifting team that competes in competitions when available throughout the year. 

Getting fit and strong is sometimes difficult but I am here to help guide you through it to the benefits and reward.

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